is a passionate Christian whose ideology is built on the principle that a
Christian’s words and actions should always be in alignment, irrespective of the conditions and environment they find themselves. This ideology is built on his appreciation of the fact that every person saved through Christ has the incorruptible divine nature of God.

A pragmatic Bible teacher, coach and counselor in Biblical leadership and character Development, he has been a Sunday School teacher for over thirty seven years, combining his professional practice with his ministry



is a Pastor-Teacher by calling. Saved in 1990, he soon began to respond to several encounters with the supernatural power of God as its reality that began to intensify in his life; the Holy Spirit giving him personal insight into the Word of God, He dedicated his life to the course of the ministry in 1994 and has since served with many ministries.

Awed by the imminent return of Christ, he pursues his stewardship with urgency and loves to encourage everyone to do same. His proudly remains a husband of one wife and father of 3 young ‘missionaries’.

Name: Edward Evbaru Obakpolor
Academic Qualification :
A) HND Petroleum Refining and Natural Gas Processing.
B) Certified Oil and Gas workplace competency Assessor.
C) Masters in Theology.
1981 – 1984 Got born again (gave my life to Christ) in a campus program.
Served as Nifes (Nigerian fellowship of evangelical students) secretary on campus.
Served as a Sunday school teacher in Christian Redemption Evangelical Association.
1985- 1995
Entered the service of NNPC.
Ordained a deacon at Chapel of Revival
Ordained a teaching Elder.
Served as Church National General Secretary.
Served as church marriage committee chairman.
1995- 2007.
Served as Kaduna state
Co ordinator of Newmen in Christ prayer group.
Ordained a pastor in Spirit and Life Bible Church and
Served as Resident Pastor, Kaduna Chapter.
2008 Till date
Joined Help Christian Bible Church.
Ordained a Reverend Minister.
Serving as teaching pastor and Chairman marriage committee.